Well… here we go!

Since starting my journey as an Interior Designer I’ve wanted to create a blog that acts as a catch all for all my ideas, inspirations and tips.

I’ve had a notes document for years that’s slowly been compiling writing prompts. My mind is always racing with ideas that I want to share but I’ve never taken the plunge.

I’ve decided that this year I won’t hold back and I’ll explore all of my passions with full force. So, here I am writing my first ever blog post. I thought there was no better way to get started than to share a little bit about myself. So, whether you know me already or if this is the first post you stumble upon – I hope you learn something interesting today.

I am a Vancouver transplant who now resides in Toronto. In my journey to get here I’ve made a few stops, including working and living in New York City for a year! Of all the places I’ve lived, Toronto just feels like home. I think Toronto has the perfect blend between the hustle of NYC and the heart of your hometown and that’s why it’s my home of choice.

While working as a Studio Manager for a designer in Toronto, I was immersed in a world of creativity and design. It was then that I realized that interior design is my true calling.

Initially, it was the planning and logistics of design work that excited me – sorting out all of the details of a project was fascinating to me. Now, having worked on not only clients but also my own personal renovations, I’ve started to love the process and transformation that comes along with a project. I cannot describe the satisfaction of creating a beautiful, fresh design for a pre-existing space in need of some love! 

I would describe my personal design style as modern and luxe yet cozy and comfortable. If you know me, you know I love all things marble (it’s almost a concerning obsession) but I also can’t resist a fluffy throw blanket or boucle chair. My favourite type of design style starts with a neutral base and then layers of rich colours, textures and materials.

If you know me maybe these passions aren’t so much of a secret but I think these are some of the things, outside of interior design, that spark joy in me. 

The most important thing in my life is my rescue Mabel. She came to me from the streets of Texas through Texas Chihuahua Rescue and she’s been living rent free in my heart ever since. 

Originally, my sister adopted her but we soon realized that Mabel and I were meant to be – so she’s all mine now.  She is the light of my life and I encourage people to rescue dogs, as it brings a whole other level of joy to your world. I am proud to admit I am an obsessed dog mom!

 If you are also an obsessive dog parent, stay tuned there may be a blog fully dedicated to Mabel’s journey coming to you soon!  

When I can, I bring Mabel along to sourcing appointments and site visits. She's definitely the finishing touch to any design.

My passion for photography is my newest hobby, as I recently inherited my late grandfather’s film camera. I’m not thinking of switching career paths for this one but I am loving the anticipation that comes with waiting to see your prints. It’s a lot of trial and error – but hey, so is life. 

As you could probably pick up from all the places I’ve lived, I also LOVE travelling. It’s on my trips through Europe, specifically my own country Portugal that I’ve seen the most breathtaking architecture and been the most inspired to design.

I hope that through getting to know me through this blog you’ll want to come on this journey with me. While I will mostly be sharing design-related content, I also want to create a connection between myself and my readers that goes beyond the 5 minutes it takes to read this. I want to feel like friends sharing our stories, supporting each other and smiling along the way. 

Here’s to hoping this is the start of something magical. 

– Nicole