Having lived in three of North America’s arguably most influential cities, New York, Vancouver, and Toronto, Nicole has spent her lifetime immersed in a world where practical living and style were a common blend. She recognized her deep rooted passion and relationship with interior design as a Studio Manager at a design firm in the city she currently calls home, Toronto. Nicole’s defined calling led her to launch Nicole Costa Design, a boutique full service design studio focussing on renovations, furnishings and virtual designs. 


Nicole’s minimalistic meets luxury aesthetic is customized for each client’s lifestyle. She strongly values the psychology of living to understand how the interior of a home is occupied by the physical and also the mental. Her approach to understanding the inhabitants’ purpose is a valuable asset that creates a natural flow in a space to call it a home. This type of vision translates to a style that Nicole has implemented on a global level. 


The common project goal of consistently creating an environment that people resist the urge to leave is the drive that has allowed Nicole to build a diverse portfolio accessible to the masses. Each unique renovation and remodelling project Nicole has executed has resulted in an increase to her clients’ property resale value. 


Nicole’s must have, that is a non negotiable to her personal living space, is her rescue dog – Mabel. The rights for animals to live in a loving home is one of the few things in life that Nicole is equally passionate about alongside design.